Further Information about Timor

The features and examples described above are by no means a complete description of Timor. For example they do not explain a new kind of type which is introduced in Timor (called Co-Types) can be used to provide a clean definition of n-ary methods and to implement these even when an n-ary method is used, for example, to compare different objects of the same type, but which have completely different implementations. Nor do they show how Timor copes easily with many cases of multiple inheritance (e.g. diamond inheritance, parts inheritance) which are difficult to manage (or are even impossible) in conventional OO programming languages. The above text similarly does not show how Timor effectively provides a collection library for managing collections of objects. Neither does it show how objects can dynamically change their properties to correspond to dynamically changing circumstances over time, thus allowing Timor to be effectively used as a database language. And last but not least, how flexible qualifying types can function (see the section "Qualifier Based Protection") All these themes are described in the book "TIMOR-An Object- and Component Oriented Language", which can be downloaded below, and shows inter alia how Timor provides features which in the SPEEDOS context completely eliminate the need for conventional file systems.